Office of Institutional Quality (IQ) for College Effectiveness

Mission and Goals

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness works to coordinate all areas of the college to insure that each unit of the college is achieving the college's vision, values, mission and goalsSpecifically, the office:  

  • Coordinates all activities related to institutional self-studies and other reports for the Middle States Commission of Higher Education (MSCHE)
  • Supervises ongoing development and application of the college's culture statements - Vision, Values and Goals
  • Oversees the development of the college's Strategic Planning Document and records progress;
  • The IE Office maintains an electronic library of data related to institutional assessment; also, the office
  • Develops and conducts local web-based surveys for general assessment and locates and disseminates models for emergent applications.
  • Develops Impact Studies and facilitates Process Improvement Teams;
  • Assists with the coordination between the assessment of student learning and institutional effectiveness;
  • Coordinates the college's policy development process.  

An annual report on Institutional Effectiveness is issued to the college community.