Ocean County College will be the boldest, most creative, most innovative student-centered college in America.

Guiding Principles

Ocean County College is Student-Focused:
The success of our students is our priority.

Proactive: Vigorously seek new opportunities for the students in both existing and new markets using ingenuity and innovative thinking.

Supportive: Guide, coach, and mentor one another to provide the best possible experience for students and enable them to achieve their full potential.

Communicative: Articulate ideas and concerns, practice genuine listening before speaking, and maintain confidentiality when appropriate.

Impartial: Remain open-minded and engage new initiatives with optimism and enthusiasm.

Positive: Remain congenial, practice empathy, and have fun.

Courageous: Act with discipline to maintain accountability while pursuing decisions based on evidence and consensus.

Collaborative: Practice teamwork in all actions and decisions.

Trustworthy: Practice integrity and transparency in all actions.

Accountable: Commit to student success while delivering high performance and presenting results transparently.

2015-2020 Strategies for Success


Strategy #1: Craft and Execute Transformative Strategies

Strategy #2: Build Resilience through Innovation, Reinvention, and New Programs

Strategy #3: Strengthen Leadership at All Levels

Strategy #4: Understand and Meet the Needs of Stakeholders

Strategy #5: Create a Highly-Effective, Challenging, Supportive and Sustainable Work Environment

Strategy #6: Leverage Collaboration, Partnership, and Sharing

Strategy #7: Continuously Improve Learning Support Processes and Practices

Strategy #8: Leverage Information and Results