Lab Kit Orders

Student Labpaq Order Instructions

Anatomy & Physiology I & II

[ ] BIOL130->LP-2465-AP-02 [ ] BIOL131->LP-2673-AP-02

Please view the Anatomy & Physiology orders page for details

All other Lab Kits

Credit Card Purchases only. Financial Aid Students, please purchase your lab materials directly from the OCC Bookstore.

  1. Go to and click ORDER HERE
  2. Log on using:
    Login: C000267
    Password: labpaq
  3. Scroll Down to the correct LabPaq (see list below) and select Add To Cart.

    [ ] BIOL114->LP-2055-BK-01 [ ] CHEM181->LP-2123-CK-01
    [ ] BIOL119->LP-2091-BK-01 [ ] CHEM182->LP-2139-CK-01
    [ ] BIOL161->LP-2380-BK-01 [ ] SCIE-105->LP-2259-FS-01
    [ ] BIOL162->LP-2364-BK-01 [ ] PHYS171->LP-2232-PK-01
    [ ] BIOL232-LP-2222-MB-02
    [ ] PHYS172->LP-2236-PK-01
    [ ] CHEM180->LP-2126-CK-01 [ ] SCIE-105->LP-2259-FS-01
    21-0264-00-01 Microscope – 1500x inc immersion lens
    BIOL 232 only
    176/with or without Labpaq
  4. Select Checkout. This will bring you to the Purchase Agreement, read it carefully and then select I Agree – Take me to Checkout.
  5. Fill in your shipping information. Make sure that the billing information is the same address your credit cardcompany has on file.  Then click on Continue.
  6. Ship Via: You will have several options
    Pay With
    : Mastercard or Visa
    Unique Client Reference: 
    leave blank & click on Continue
  7. Look over the information you have entered and if it is all correct then click on Place Order.   Please print your confirmation page or if you cannot print make note of your order number.
  8. Once you are finished please Log Out of the account.

Ordering Questions?

Please contact Hands-On Labs for any ordering questions:

Hours of Operation:  Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM MST.  All messages will be answered by the following business day.

Customer Service Phone: Toll Free 866.206.0773