New E-Learners

Totally online learning at OCC!

Online learning is an exciting and challenging way to complete your education. Ocean Online provides advising in numerous areas from course selection to transfer and career options.  You will be able to complete all of your course work online by choosing courses with a DL (distance learning) code.

How Does It Work?

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Ocean County College uses E-learning software called Pearson Learning Studio. You will work closely with your admissions specialist and academic advisor to prepare a course schedule that works for you. Once you have applied, you will receive an acceptance package with instructions on how to login into your ocean connect.  From Ocean Connect, you can search for courses and register for courses. E-learning courses are marked with a DL section code and with location code INET.  Once you have applied and designated that you wish to be an E-learning student, we will work with you closely to assist you in the steps to getting registered.

To become a student submit our easy online application!

When Do I Start My Course?

Online courses follow the same academic calendar as our traditional in-class courses. Although you may hear from your instructor prior to the start of the semester, you will not be able to enter your course until the first day of the semester.

We encourage you to take the Student Orientation Tutorial. After you register, sign onto Ocean Connect and click on the tab MY ONLINE COURSES (please wait approximately 4 hours after registration). Here you will see a tutorial on how to navigate the Pearson Learning Studio.  There will also be important information and announcements.  On the first day of class, your online course will be available to you via the same MY ONLINE COURSES tab.

Remember! You should login and actively participate in each of your courses right away.

You can find out the exact start date of your upcoming semester by looking at your class schedule, which you will receive after registration.