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Nursing Students

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We invite you to visit the links on this page to learn about all three options for our RN program.

Currently there are day and evening lecture options. Clinical experiences are held during the day. Our Traditional Program, featuring a combination of classroom study and clinical experiences prepares graduates for a variety of health care settings. Upon graduating, you will be ready to begin your search for career opportunities in the Nursing profession.

Career Mobility, is for students that are LPN's and would like to become RN's. They can contact the School of Nursing and Health Sciences at 732.255.0393.

School of Nursing and Health Sciences Faculty and Staff

Teresa Walsh, Dean of School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Marybeth Millan, Assistant Dean of Nursing

Mary Fennessy, Academic Administrator

Mary S. Gill, Lecturer II

Holly Davies, Instructor

Lois Donovan, Assistant Professor

Juvy Ferriols, Lecturer II

Lisa Golini, Lecturer II

Terri Ivory-Brown, Lecturer II

Sandra Kearns, Associate Professor

Kathy Mullen, Instructor

Tamila Purpuro, Lecturer II

Elizabeth Stevenon, Lecturer II

Nancy Volk, Lecturer II

Maryann Kaufmann, Nursing Simulation, Skills and Student Retention Specialist

Laura Skrable, Lab Supervisor

Linda Wilson, Office Manager

Audrey Dvorak, Administrative Assistant I