Office of Multicultural Services

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Our world is shrinking. The global village and economy are no longer vague notions or concepts. Our future success, our survival depends greatly upon our ability to create environments where we each can be the best of ourselves, where we respect others that we meet along the way, where we celebrate each other and we make sure that there is always room one more.

Our Guiding Tenet

"Multiculturalism is a system of beliefs and behaviors that recognizes and respects the presence of all diverse groups in an organization or society, acknowledges and values their socio-cultural differences, and encourages and enables their continued contribution within an inclusive cultural context, which empowers all within the organization and society."

Caleb Rosado, Ph.D.
Rosado Consulting for Change in Human Systems (used with permission)

Our Mission Statement

The Office of Multicultural Services (OMS) works to create a climate of inclusiveness, and respect for All. OMS implements strategies for the recruitment and retention of students from culturally diverse backgrounds, and supports these students throughout their experience at Ocean County College (OCC).

OMS works in partnership with faculty, staff, and students of OCC, community organizations, special interest and religious groups, as well as parents' organizations, to identify under-served and under-represented students. The Multicultural Board supports campus multicultural programming; membership includes OCC staff and faculty as well as community partners committed to inclusive programming and diversity.

Our Service Objectives

  • Recruitment and Outreach to students of color
  • Advocacy and Mentoring
  • Inclusive programming
  • Promoting ideals of global community
  • Supporting ethnic, cultural and linguistic student clubs and organizations

When we come together, we weave the vibrant tapestry of our unique values, cultures, and traditions. When we embrace multiculturalism we build a foundation of appreciation, celebration and understanding; that is diversity at work, and everyone benefits. Join us!

Office Location and Hours

Located in Building 29

Monday & Friday:
8am – 5pm

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday:
8am – 8pm

732.255.0400 ext. 2026