Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)

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What is EOF?

The Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) is a state-funded program offering academic, financial and counseling support services to students who meet the selective criteria set forth by the NJ Commission on Higher Education.

Through access to higher education, EOF strives to improve quality of life, advance economic promise, and encourage achievement through advocacy and advisement, equipping students with academic, career and social skills to engage fully in life's journey.

For more information, visit the Educational Opportunity Fund State Website

What Does EOF Offer?

The benefits of being an EOF student are many. Throughout your time of study, you will receive individualized support and guidance from our team of professionals. We believe that this support maximizes your opportunities for success and learning. You will benefit from these program components:

  • First Year Seminar-to assist your entry into college
  • Tutoring- to help you achieve at the highest levels possible
  • Seminars/Workshops/Activities- to enrich your experience, to learn and to grow
  • Advising- for personal and academic challenges
  • Financial Aid- grants are awarded each semester and based upon available funding you may apply for a summer session grant.

We believe in the potential of every student.  We are here to assist you along your path toward success.

Am I Eligible?

  • Have you been a New Jersey resident for 12 months or longer?
  • Is this your first time in college?
  • Do you or your family have a history of low income?
  • Are you the child of parents who did not graduate from high school or complete college?
  • Are or were you eligible for the Free/Reduced Lunch program or other government assistance program?
  • Are you or do you intend to be a full-time student (12credits or more)?
  • Do you need and/or are you enrolled in developmental courses?
  • Are you eligible for financial aid?

If you are able to answer "Yes" to two or more of these questions, you may be eligible. Download an EOF application (PDF), print and mail completed application to the EOF office at the address provided above, or feel free to stop in.

*If the fillable forms do not open, please click here for directions.