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What kind of student are you?

Currently attending Ocean County College student: Planning and Registration Guidelines for Current Students.

New Student
: New students must complete an application for admission and register during a scheduled Orientation.New students will be contacted regarding scheduling an orientation date, during which they will register for classes. Part time new students can register themselves, in the Registration and Records Office. Part time students do not require advising, but it is available if the student wishes, in the Advising Office.

E-learning Student: Students who wish to pursue their complete degree online at Ocean County College can get started by contacting an admissions rep at 877-464-2154 or submitting our Request Information Form.

Non-Degree Students living out of the area or Students currently attending another college or university:  If you are not currently attending, and are not in the Ocean County area at this time, it is possible for a part time student to register for a course by submitting the Application for Admission and the Visiting and Non-Degree Registration Form.

First, complete an Application for Admission.

Next, select from the semesters listed below, complete and print the Visiting and Non-Degree Registration Form.

Fax the completed Visiting and Non-Degree Registration form to the Registration and Records Office at 732.864.3849, or

E-mail to:

If the course(s) for which you are registering has a prerequisite you will also need to fax either a copy of your current student ID or an unofficial copy of a previous college or university transcript showing successful completion of the prerequisite.

All fields on these forms are required information. Forms with missing information will not be processed.  You must sign the registration form. You will be contacted to confirm we have received and acted upon your request.

Review course descriptions and prerequisite information of courses. Use Ocean Connect to be certain of the exact course/section you want, and to be certain whether or not that course/section still has availability.

FAX: 732.864.3849
ATTN: Course Registration

If someone else will be registering you in the Registration and Records Office, provide that person with a signed letter authorizing them to register on your behalf.  Include the specific course(s). This person may be required to show identification.

*** You can request that Ocean County College send your transcript to your school using the online transcript request.

Jump Start student
High school Jump Start students must re-submit the OCC Admissions “green” form and register in person every semester.

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Special Registration

Special Registration is available for members of Workforce Development, and Senior (65 and over) students.

Special Registration takes place on the day before the beginning of each semester in the Registration & Records Office.

Dropping Courses
Once the semester begins, there will be a brief Drop/Add period, when you may adjust your schedule, with appropriate permission. Be very careful to note the refund dates printed on your bill/schedule. Also, note no registration of any kind can or will be accepted after the 50% refund period ends on the Attendance Census Date for each session.

Courses must be dropped before the semester begins to be relieved of the financial obligation.  Students living in the area can complete a drop form in the Registration and Records Office.  Students living out of the area can fax a letter requesting they be dropped from their specific courses to the Registration and Records Office.  This letter must be signed by the student and include the student’s id number, address, telephone number, and email address;  term, course number, section, course title, of all courses which you would like to be dropped from. 

Withdrawing from Courses
Students may withdraw from their classes during the semester.  An official Add/Drop form must be submitted to the Registration and Records Office.  Before the attendance census date students do not need a signature from the instructor on the Add/Drop form to withdraw from their classes.  After the attendance census date students are required to obtain the signature from the instructor to withdraw from their class.  Students are unable to withdraw from courses after the Withdrawal Deadline.  Students who withdraw after the attendance census date are still financially responsible to the college for all tuition and fees subject to the applicable refund percentage. Failing to attend class will not relieve you of your financial responsibility, even if you have not paid your bill.

Payment is due at registration and can be made by cash, check, OR credit card.

Students who do not pay their tuition bills may be dropped for non-payment.

Currently attending students who registered through their Ocean Connect account can pay online. To pay by phone or ask questions about payment contact us at 732.255.0324.

IRS 1098-T Form
The Tax Reform Act of 1997 provided taxpayers/students with Hope Scholarship and Lifetime Learning tax credit opportunities. As part of that act, the college sends the student and the IRS Form 1098-T in late January every year. 

View 1098-T Information Sheet

Questions about registration can be directed to us at 732.255.0304.
Questions about payment can be directed to us at 732.255.0324.

Registration Office Hours are:  
Monday thru Thursday 8am-8pm
Friday 8am-5pm